CS 189/289A

CS 189/289A at UC Berkeley


In general, we prefer that you ask questions on Piazza instead of emailing individual instructors/TAs, and you're likely to receive a much faster response that way. If you have a sensitive logistical question, you can make a private Piazza post visible only to Professor Shewchuk and/or Kevin.

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Instructor Jonathan Shewchuk

jrs@ (Piazza is preferred)

Office Hours: TBD

Student Instructors

Head GSI Kevin Li


Discussion(s): Wed 3-4pm

Office Hours: by appointment

Hi! I'm a 5th year MS student working on reinforcement learning, robotics, and uncertainty estimation. I'm passionate about teaching and improving the quality of CS classes at Berkeley - this will be my seventh (and final) semester TAing, and I'm hoping to make it a great one :'). I enjoy hiking, piano, social deduction board games, and exploring new cities/neighborhoods.

uGSI Agnibho Roy


Discussion(s): Wed 12-1pm; Thurs 10-11am

Office Hours: Mon 10am-12pm; Wed 10-11am

Hey guys, I’m Agnibho. I am a fourth year majoring in EECS and Applied Math from Dallas, Texas and am looking forward to a great (hopefully no more online) semester! In my free time, im usually found hitting some fuzzy yellow balls at the Channing courts, going on runs on the fire trails, or having a pint with my friends while entertained by some nba basketball (avid mavs fan btw). Hope you enjoy 189 as much as I did!

GSI Allan Jabri


Discussion(s): Tues 4-5pm

Office Hours: Thurs 10-11am; Thurs 1-3pm; Fri 11am-12pm

Hi! I'm a fifth year PhD student in CS. I work on unsupervised learning for perception and control. I like swimming, languages, third culture kids, bopping to tunes, and Love Island (UK or AUS). I also worked in industry before grad school. Feel free to reach out :)

GSI Ashwin Balakrishna


Discussion(s): Tues 1-2pm; Tues 8-9pm

Office Hours: Wed 10am-1pm

Hi, I'm a 4th year CS PhD student and I work on trying to get robots to do cool things with reinforcement/imitation learning without causing too much damage in the process :P In my free time I like playing/watching tennis, going on hiking/biking trips near the ocean, and venturing down aimless YouTube rabbit holes. Looking forward to getting to know all of you this summer!

uGSI Gaurav Ghosal


Discussion(s): Wed 6-7pm

Office Hours: Tues 9-11am; Thurs 11am-1pm

Hi Everyone! My name is Gaurav and I am a 3rd year EECS major. I am very interested in a range of research topics including reinforcement learning, human-robot interaction, and interpretable machine learning. In my free time, I enjoy learning about math and running. Feel free to reach out to chat about anything related to this class, ML/AI in general, or life at Cal. Looking forward to a great semester!

GSI Kumar Krishna Agrawal


Discussion(s): Tues 3-4pm

Office Hours: Mon 6-9pm; Thurs 12-1pm

I am a graduate student at EECS, UC Berkeley. I am interested in algorithms and systems for interactive and efficient machine learning.

GSI Philip Jacobson


Discussion(s): Tues 10-11am

Office Hours: Mon 6-8pm; Tues 12-2pm

Hi, I'm Philip! I'm a 3rd year EECS PhD student working on perception for autonomous driving. Outside of the lab, I enjoy running, hiking, playing video games, and watching football and basketball

uGSI Rahul Kumar


Discussion(s): Tues 4-5pm

Office Hours: Tues 1-2pm; Tues 3-4pm

Hi, I'm Rahul! I'm a 4th year EECS student. I mostly work on circuit design.

GSI Ziye Ma


Discussion(s): Wed 10-11am; Wed 2-3pm

Office Hours: Tues 11am-12pm; Fri 10am-12pm

Hi! I’m Ziye or you can just call me Gaven. I’m a 3rd year PhD student in the EECS department working on mathematical optimization and machine learning. It’s my second time TAing for CS189, so if you have questions related to the course feel free to email me.

uGSI Anika Ramachandran


Discussion(s): Wed 4-5pm

Office Hours: Wed 11am-1pm

Hi! I'm a fourth-year EECS + IEOR major from the South Bay. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends, watching movies, and karaoke-ing disney songs. I’m super excited to be TAing 189 this semester and look forward to meeting all of you!

uGSI Ben Hoberman


Discussion(s): Wed 2-3pm

Office Hours: Fri 12-2pm

Hello, and welcome to CS189! I'm a senior studying EECS, though in my time I've also been declared as Engineering Physics and Pure Math. I'm into security, math, computers, government, and policy, and when I'm not doing such school-y things you can find me cooking, reading, making music, or enjoying the outdoors on my bike and/or feet. I'm excited to meet you all and help you learn about machine learning this semester!

uGSI Frank Liu


Discussion(s): Tues 1-2pm

Office Hours: Mon 7-9pm

Hi everyone! My name is Frank, and I'm a 4th year premed student double majoring in MCB and CS and minoring in BIOE. My current research interests are in the areas of computational biology, immunology, and cancer biology. When I'm not studying, you might find me playing the piano on Sproul, lifting weights at RSF, or planning out my next travel adventure. Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

uGSI Oleksii Volkovskyi


Discussion(s): Tues 7-8pm

Office Hours: Mon 6-8pm

Hi! I’m excited to help teach this class for the first time this semester. I’m really into volleyball, poker, hip hop and classic rock, and, of course, machine learning.

uGSI Philippe Hansen-Estruch


Discussion(s): Tues 5-6pm

Office Hours: Fri 4-6pm

Hi! I’m a Fourth Year EECS major from San Diego. I currently research deep reinforcement learning and have a passion for ML. Outside of academics, I enjoy video games, politics, and poker. Feel free to message if you have any questions relating to the course!